On Dr. Stockley

Since I referenced Last King of Scotland in my Global Voices piece that was published over the weekend, I thought I better go and finally see the film myself. My first reaction? Yea Dr. Stockley! This is no secret to the Kampala community by now, but the famous Dick Stockley, British doctor (and distance runner) made a cameo in the film as the Times Journalist who had been reporting on the disappearances of several of Amin’s opponents. Stockley deserves the role; he has been living in Uganda for over 30 years.

Dr. Stockley played more than a bit role in my own Ugandan drama in 2006. The first thing he did when I first met was make fun of me for lacking trousers (I was wearing shorts). On that day I told him in passing that I had arrived in Entebbe from Tel Aviv, and for the next eighth months he would spend months telling me his outlandish theories on war and terrorism. My allegiance to Stockley was cemented when, after seeing three other doctors, he finally diagnosed my malarial mystery. Further, he was also the one who diagnosed the spitting Niarobi Eye that attempted and failed to keep me from going to Zanzibar.

After being away from Uganda for a month, it was strange and beautiful to see a film with such high production value portray the country’s rich countryside, the madness of Kampala’s city streets, and the music of our beloved Ndere Dance Troupe.

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  • Hi
    I was in Kampala in Spring 2007. Really random question for you- do you have Dr. Stockley's email address? I need to ask him about a personal medical mystery that I have since I returned home...
    Are you still in Uganda now?
    Sorry for the randomness ssebo.

    By Blogger Journeys_of_Laura, at 12:45 PM  

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