Africa Tech News Roundup 1.14.09

Baltimore, via Meg Rorison's photostream

Infrastructure | How to Survive in a Low Growth Year [Balancing Act, 1/11]
Southwood explores what this year may have in store for fixed and mobile operators. "Defending revenues is only half of the game and probably not the important half. The other part is driving down costs."

Spectrum | Broadband in the White Spaces Going Global [Google Policy Blog, 1/9]
"The FCC is taking its work on "white spaces" global. This morning FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced the "White Spaces Fellowship and Training Initiative," giving the Commission a new platform to share advice and insights into "white spaces" with international regulators and spectrum experts." Will this lead to more unlicensed spectrum in Africa?

ICT4D | Fund Loss Staggers Group Giving Laptops to Poor Children [Boston Globe, 1/9]
"[OLPC], the Cambridge foundation that sought to transform developing countries by giving free laptop computers to poor children suffered a devastating loss of revenue last year and has been forced to slash its staff in half."

Mobile Innovation | Ugandan Ministry of Health Introduces Telemedicine [Balancing Act, 1/11]
"The ministries of health and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are introducing telemedicine to extend quality health care services to rural areas. "Telemedicine is an important tool for providing healthcare services," said ICT minister, Dr. Ham Mulira."

Politics | Letter from Zimbabwe [World Bank Blog, 12/11]
"It is just after midnight in Harare. I have just returned from a midnight tour of the ATMs in Harare with a cousin. There are queues of people still waiting to get their weekly cash withdrawal limit of $100,000,000,000 (US$2.50)." See photos of the queues on Chris Blattman's blog.



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