Vouyeristic Routines

that summer before we grew up, via Meg Rorison's photostream

In high school, whenever I went to a friend's house, I would find out where they sat when they were on the computer. I always liked to explore where people spent their time and how they organized their days. I was thrilled when I came across the link to Daily Routines, a blog about how "writers, artists and other interesting people organize their days."

Charles Darwin would work in the morning, and then make his wife read to him for several hours a day. Franz Kafka, on the other hand, would start writing at 11PM, after a day of work at the Workers Accident Insurance Institute:
And then "depending on my strength, inclination, and luck, until one, two, or three o'clock, once even till six in the morning." Then "every imaginable effort to go to sleep," as he fitfully rested before leaving to go to the office once more. This routine left him permanently on the verge of collapse.



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