Africa Tech Monday Links 10.13.08

Barcamp Africa Panel: Technology and Education
Watch the video of one of the hottest panels at BarCamp Africa (hosted this weekend at Google Mountain View), featuring Guy Kawasaki (Garage Tech Ventures, Entrepreneur Magazine), David Kobia (Ushahidi), Martin Fisher (KickStart), and Jon Gosier (Appfrica).

Kelele- The African Bloggers Conference [White African, 10/12]
One of the announcements at Barcamp Africa was Kelele- The African Bloggers Conference, set to take place in Nairobi on August 13-16.

Africa: Communications Technologies Transform Elections [IHT, 10/1]
Wonderful aggregation of incidents where technology played a role in keeping African leaders accountable.

Reframing Brand Africa (Tech) [White African, 10/6]
'If it works in Africa, it will work everywhere.' Thats why Africa exports technology to the world. Success stories include Fring, Ubuntu, FrontlineSMS, Ushahidu, Softtribe and Qik.

Opportunity Knocks [Economist, 10/9]
"Despite the litany of problems, the 48 countries of sub-Saharan Africa are, by several measures, enjoying a period of unparalleled economic success. And despite the turmoil in the world's financial markets, international investors still think they can make money there."

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