Mwenda Arrested in Kampala

Uganda's most important journalist was arrested on Saturday. Not a good sign. At least he was released on bail on Monday.

Rebekah has the roundup on GV...

Bloggers and independent media outlets in Uganda are reporting that three journalists and a photographer at The Independent, an opposition newspaper based in Kampala, have been arrested and that the paper's offices have been raided by Ugandan security forces. One of those arrested was Andrew Mwenda, who was previously charged with sedition for his coverage of the death of Sudanese vice president John Garang in 2005.




  • Well, I see a lot of concern. I have not reacted to the arrest on my blog. I've reacted to the concern, which I find nearly revolting and the pinnacle of bleeding-heartist unfairness.

    By Blogger The 27th Comrade, at 11:32 PM  

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