ICT's and Public Diplomacy; SNA Analysis of Internet & Democracy

A few interesting things happening today:

(i) Ethan Zuckerman will be chairing, and I will be speaking, on an ICT and Public Diplomacy panel at the Edward R. Murrow 100th Anniversary conference at the Fletcher School on Tuesday, April 15th at 9AM-10:30AM. Ethan will be discussing the technological shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 with a framing of recent protests in Tibet. I will be discussing the concept of network diplomacy with a focus on post-election events in Kenya. I'll also briefly mention various social network analysis methods being utilized at the Berkman Center and researched at Fletcher.

(ii) Along with Fletcher PhD student Patrick Meier, I will be writing a paper entitled Social Network Analysis for Networked Protest Politics: A Guide for Internet and Democracy Scholars. In line with the discussion of quantitative analysis we had last week, this paper will identify the various Social Network Analysis (SNA) tools available to researchers to better understand how the social network structure of social movements corresponds well with the technological structure of the Internet. We are submitting this abstract for an upcoming conference in Germany.

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