Wednesday Links 2.13.08

Busboys and Poets (great coffee shop/bar/performance space/activist bookstore in D.C.) via Shana Lee's photostream

In Washington D.C., where I'm headed today, I'm looking forward to a great week of jazz.

In Cape Town, TED Africa 2008, the most important conference in Africa, opens its registration.

In Portland, Kevin Caroll writes about Kicking It, a new documentary bought by ESPN about football and homelessness.

In Washington D.C., Peter Levine makes an interesting point about American states that have a civic movement tradition and their willingness to engage in the Obama narrative of 'Yes WE Can."

In New Haven, Chris Blattman has a useful redux of recent congressional testimony about the role of the U.S. in post-election Kenya. This post shows concretely what the U.S. could have done differently when chaos broke loose in Kenya. I wonder what AFRICOM would have done.

In Istanbul, blogger and online activist Mustafa Domanic offers one opinion on Post Global on the repeal of the headscarf ban in Istanbul.



  • I LOVE Busboys and Poets. It's where I bought my first piece of anarchist propaganda.

    By Blogger Mary, at 3:02 PM  

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