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A few weeks ago, Berkman’s Digital Natives Project launched an exciting new blog. I’ve noted their recent post on Digital Natives (and Internet and Democracy) principle investigator John Palfrey’s recent trip to Bahrain to discuss Arab Strategies for the Global Era. One of the key conversations was on using digital technology for education reform. In a region where blogging and online social networks are already a fast-growing phenomenon, it will be fascinating to watch how these tools will change youth, education and civil society. Read more about the participants in the conversation here.



  • I think whats even scarier is the fact that the Middle East and African governments / social planners fail to realize that the relationship is not HOW the net affects them, its how they affect the internet.

    As a Brit living in Cairo, the internet is a phenomena that is begining to pick up, yet most of the companies and money spenders are scared to embrace it.

    In the Arabic world, we still have a poor online community. Personally I believe the dot com boom that changed the way the west communicates has yet to happen here! Then the shifting attitudes and the extreme frustration of keeping things in will suddenly come out.

    The shit will hit the fan then!

    By Blogger Minx0r, at 6:18 AM  

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