January 2008 in Sierra Leone

I've led 6 GYPA trips to Uganda and most recently to Cameroon. I won't be able to join this trip, but my super competent colleagues will do a marvelous job. If you are an undergraduate (or graduate) interested in learning about post-conflict development from first hand experience, you should consider this trip. I know of no better opportunity to connect with decision makers and stakeholders. Can you think of something better to do with winter break?

Upcoming student trip to Sierra Leone!
January 1-16, 2008

In January 2008, Global Youth Partnership for Africa will be sending 15 American youth to Sierra Leone for GYPA's second annual Youth Summit: "The Role of Youth in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone."

Sierra Leone today stands at a crossroads. Its brutal decade-long civil war ended just five years ago, and its effects are still visible in every corner of the country. However, Sierra Leone is also witnessing a growing tide of democratization, economic growth, and a great deal of overdue international attention and support. Now is a critical time to examine the many questions that remain regarding post-conflict reconstruction, particularly, the role youth can play in solving them.

GYPA's program will give participants a unique opportunity to explore first-hand the post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation processes at work in Sierra Leone. The purpose of the Summit is to engage and promote youth from the United States and Africa as leaders in the efforts to rebuild this war-torn country. Our goal is to expand international youth networks, encourage greater understanding about Africa, and inspire an ongoing dialogue and partnership between promising American and African youth. Participants will tour the country participating in discussions regarding conflict resolution, economic development, HIV/AIDS, transitional justice, democracy building, and gender issues, among others. Students with backgrounds or interests in any of the above fields are encouraged to apply!

Applications are due no later than November 1st. Please click on the links provided below to obtain the official program description and an application. Feel free to contact Lana Kovnot (lana@gypafrica.org ) with any further questions.

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