08.06.07 Wednesday Links

Fascinating ideas that all deserve elaborate posts of their own. But this week I'm hauling to the finish line on my summer research paper for Berkman.

In Cambridge, Ethan Zuckerman goes mainstream media with his 'incrementalism' idea for economic development, presented in yesterday's Boston Globe. EZ presented this idea at Berkman's Summer Doctoral Program a few weeks ago and got great push back from Mike Best on questions of scale. EZ discusses the session here.

In Copenhagen, The Economist covers the Homeless World Cup (HWC). This is great coverage for the annual soccer tournament that brings together kids who have lived tough lives from all over the world. Global Youth Partnership for Africa (GYPA) has been the managing organization for HWC's Uganda Team, comprised of youth displaced from the northern Uganda conflict, for the last two years. You should check out the game-by-game coverage of the Uganda team available on the GYPA blog.

In Kampala, Comrade comes through with an absolutely harrowing post about the things you see when you are stuck in traffic in a Kampala rainstorm. Gave me the shivers.

In Kampala, Global Voices covers the robust discussion around last weeks Iweala article.

In Baltimore: Is Salim the new Talib? Great hip hop.



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