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I received an email today from a someone who has been following the Ugandan blogosphere. Her position on the power of blogging in Uganda is interesting and nuanced. I think this speaks to some of the unintended (or perhaps fully intended) global consequences of a bunch of people who individually decided to start publishing their quirky and intricate comments, all loosely related to life in Uganda:

Occasionally I get completely saturated in the worst-case stories that I retell over and over again (babies in latrines, child soldiers, wholesale rape and murder, maize meal, missing limbs) that I forget Kampala has a thriving community of people who drink coffee and talk about the greater world and give each other blogger awards. It's important for me to see Uganda in another context besides a backdrop to the hopeless misery I write about.

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  • [Cough, cough.]

    Um ... yes. We exist. Although I think it would be a disaster if the `worst-case stories' were not told - we all need to know that some people are in horridly-bad situations* - I also think it would be a disaster if the other side was never mentioned - we all need to know that, despite what Time mag may say, Africa is not completely hopeless, because her Future is blogging and sipping on latt├ęs.

    That, to me, is important. The suffering need to know that there are, among them, people who aren't suffering, and that things not only can get better, but are already better in some parts and getting better everywhere.
    The non-suffering need to know why they should join the Revolution and sign up for monthly copies of The Monthly Maoist Post. :oD

    By Blogger The 27th Comrade, at 11:36 PM  

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