Fish Heads and Samurai Swords

I moved up to Cambridge, MA, last weekend. Until I can move into my proper place in June, I'm staying in the room of a Russian poet who is visiting his wife and children in Siberia. The room has brown walls and the incurable smell of old books. Here are just a few things I found when I moved in:

- two and a half foot samurai sword
- small, dried fish head tied to a string hanging above the desk
- early 19th century Siberian hunting rifle

I put my bags down, looked around, and then went down the street to buy my first Red Sox hat.

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  • @.5 foot Samurai sword! Woo!

    Are Russian poets so blinkin' hot or what?

    By Blogger The 27th Comrade, at 11:18 PM  

  • A Red Sox hat.... the single most important thing U need in Boston. I am guessing U are fitting in just fine.
    A fellow Bostonian

    By Blogger E_ji80, at 5:12 PM  

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