Of Trains and Boston

I took the train to Boston this weekend to find housing for my big move to Boston at the end of April. I'm incredibly excited to be interning for the summer at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School and then attending the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts for a two year masters program.

Since I suppose I'll be doing the Washington-Boston trip frequently, I want to clarify my stance as a die hard train rider. Maybe its the marathoner in me that prefers the 8 hour train ride to an equally priced 1 hour flight. I find trains to be a unique way to gratify my opposing needs of wanting to be constantly moving and to have a quiet place to read, write and think. The scenery is great. You get everything from the huge metropolis to the underdog mill town.

My housing mission was a success. I'll be moving into grad school digs in Cambridge near Porter Square. I'll be living with an adventurous Russian writer from a prominent Soviet dissident family who traveled around the world to write a poem and kindly offered me a place to stay if I was ever near his farm in eastern Estonia. I felt great running in Cambridge, up and down the Charles River, basking in the first hesitantly warm days of the New England Spring.

For now only a word about my upcoming years at Fletcher. Of the 49 countries represented at Fletcher in the incoming class, there is no one from Uganda. I'll do my best to represent.

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