Uganda: Special Report on Best of Blogs

My latest piece for Global Voices, with an overview of the Uganda Best of Blog nominees for Best Blog. My hope is that this post would tune in some more international readers. Cross-posted here.

Last week, Uganda bloggers descended on Mateo’s bar in Kampala for the second Uganda Bloggers Happy Hour. In addition to catching up with friends and discussing the main challenges facing the nation, the group made nominations for the first Uganda Best of Blog Awards. In a way, 2006 was the year that the Ugandan blogosphere woke up, with a massive increase in quality of writing and the addressing of public issues. The Best of Blog Awards, the brain child of Jackfruity, is an excellent way of recognizing both communal improvement as well as specific blogs and their content.

For Global Voices readers who haven’t been following the Ugandan blogosphere closely, below you will find a brief review of the 8 nominees for ‘Uganda Blog of the Year.’ Think of this as akin to those slick video montages at major award ceremonies. This quick review is intended to show the incredible diversity of writing style, topics and personalities in the Ugandan blogosphere.


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