Talking Ugandan Blogging in Amsterdam

On my way back from Entebbe to Washington, I stopped in Amsterdam for a quick layover chat with BicycleMark. This is becoming a nice little tradition: meeting up with Mark during layovers on the way too or from Africa. I love chatting with Mark because he's literally all over the place; he was in Berlin the week before we met and was leaving for the Balkans the day after. He has incredible passion for promoting innovation and collaboration in the podcasting and vlogging worlds.

This time we did a podcast on the role (and potential role) of blogging and personal media in Uganda. But listener be warned! I was just off a flight from Uganda in which 6 of the 8 hours were bumpy and where a (failed) determination to sleep led me to pop 3 Tylenol PM's and drink two of those little dinky bottles of KLM red wine only hours before we met!

Click here for the show.

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  • hey no need for warnings.. I think you made sense. see you in a few months hopefully.

    By Blogger Bicyclemark, at 5:36 PM  

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