Some Work at U. of Maryland

Today I'm starting a new job at the University of Maryland. For the spring semester, I'm working with several different offices in Campus Affairs who are broadly charged with increasing the level of civic engagement at the University, both inside and outside the classroom. I'll be mostly working on ensuring that the web space for these projects is relevant and helpful to accomplishing these goals.

Since ultimately I'd like to be working (vaguely) with how IT can help communities in the developing world, it should be an interesting few months exploring how local communities (in the US) are using the internet to promote (both local and global) civic engagement. Maryland is providing some snappy leadership in this field, most notably the J-Lab: Institute for Interactive Journalism, whose work I have been following closely. U. of Maryland is also home to Peter Levine, one of my favorite bloggers, who writes alot on youth civic engagement and occasionally internet related projects.

Speaking of good things in the DC area, I have been pleased with the development of the local music scene since I've been gone. Rob Garza, from the legendary DC based Thievery Corporation, has a stellar new group called Dust Galaxy. They have a fantastic mix of the classic Thievery downtempo sound and indie rock glamour. Playing keys for the group, also from the DC scene, the lovely and charming aphrodizia, who lends the group some sultry, ambient sound. I heard about them too late to catch their Thursday night show at 9:30 Club, but surely they will be back.

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