2.21.07 Links

In Kampala, a New York Times journalist (certainly not the Kampala correspondent because they don't have one) embarrasses himself by describing Uganda as one of Africa's 'most stable and safe countries' without the small nuance of mentioning that Uganda is home to some of the worlds worst human rights violations and a 20 year conflict conflict that displaced over 90% of the population.

In Vermont, an English professor describes the strategies of choosing books for traveling.

In New York, a Public Health students critiques the stereotypical Westerner who can only teach, but not learn, from Africans.

In California, Oso, Moreno, Abogado writes about how Digital DJ's are replacing foreign correspondents.

In Maryland, Peter Levine examines the true barriers to social mobility in America, and how a middle class culture prepares students for white collar work in a way that schools and other institutions can't correct.



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