2.13.07 Links

In New York, an NYT article argues that even in a global collaborative environment, place still plays a signifigant role in the success of innovation.

In Chicago, Pitchfork columnist Chris Dalen writes about Americans and their access to information on the rest of the world. The article talks alot about the Global Voices concept of bridgeblogging. I really like Ethan Zuckerman's response to a quote from the article:

Chris used a quote from Rebecca MacKinnon that’s stuck with me since she wrote it a few weeks back: “My last three years living back in the U.S. really brought home to me just how unreal the rest of the world seems to most Americans.” If there’s a single topic I’m most interested in, it’s trying to figure out how to break down that sense of unreality.

I agree.

In Washington, Michael Silberman of Echoditto asks "
how the big enviros are going to have a chance of surviving this new wave or stay relevant. These grassroots, internet-enabled efforts have so much more heart and potential." Check out the video if you want to see the future of student movements.


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