Three Conferences

I like good conferences. They are a place to push the limits of your own ideas and build with people who are equally excited about the work as you are. Personally, I also like them because its an oppurtunity to fine tune your people instincts: that quick, instinctual read you get on a person when you first meet them. I think the people instinct is a fascinating amalgam of little including level of eye contact, enthusiasm, agressiveness, and style of dress.

Here are three hot conferences related to issues on this blog:

OK, I'm biased. I'm helping to lead the Global Kimeeza II: The Role of Youth in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda. This is a Global Youth Partnership for Africa conference thats bringing together American and Ugandan youth leaders to help imagine a rebuilt and reconciled Uganda. The Kimeeza will be Jan 3-17 in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda. You will be hearing more about the Kimeeza on this blog soon.

If I wasn't busy planning the conference above, I would be at the Global Voices Summit Delhi 'O6. But no worries, the conference will be broadcast live online this Saturday. The guiding question of this conference is: How can we use the Internet to build a more democratic, participatory global discourse? I think Global Voices is one of the most powerful forces for understanding under reported areas of the world.

The TED Global Conference in Arusha, Tanzania this summer is the mac daddy of all Africa conferences. Organized by Emeka Okefor, a leading Afriblogger and entrepreneur, the TED speakers list is simply breathtaking. I'll be watching this one closely.

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