New Year. New Look.

I took my week off from blogging to spruce up the place. The banner is one of my favorite pictures from Uganda: some fishermen in a dugout canoe with the vastness of Lake Victoria behind them. I widened the main column to give the larger and more spacious text some room to breath and simplified the second side bar and eliminated some superfluous icons. While still a work in progress, I took the opportunity to look through some photos I had and created the In an African Minute photostream. Of the thousands of photos I've taken in Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East, these are best public shots. My personal photos of friends and family are available elsewhere. Finally, I finally created my own domain, so you can access the site from the Blogger site or directly from

Thanks to Jackfruity in Uganda for helping with the banner and the CSS changes, and to Eduardo Recife in Brazil, a brilliant graphic designer, for the new banner font.

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