12.15.06 Uganda Photo of the Day

via the In an African Minute photostream
Tashfanish, an Ethiopian immigrant to Kampala, and the daughter of the famous Mama of Rehobot Restaurant. See my review of Rehobot, the best Ethiopian restaurant in Kampala, here.

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  • I googled the drug "ketrozol" because Dr. Stockley handed it to me on
    Saturday with dangerously limited information about what kind of drug it is.
    The search produced the info I needed AND hilariously, your blog.
    Didn't get a chance to read it all, but what I read is great. I wanted to connect with you, especially about your work in the north. I'm an
    american VSO volunteer and have been living and teaching at Uganda Martyrs
    University in Nkozi (on the equator)since August of 2005. My main job is
    training health workers from around the country in health promotion, but I
    also do a variety of other things. Here's my blog http://www.travelblogger.net/members/shannonlocke/

    I come to Kampala frequently, so if you have the time, it'd be great to sit
    down and hear more about what you're doing. Send me note anytime to mshannon@umu.ac.ug

    Take Care-
    Shannon McMorrow

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:37 AM  

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