Return to the Tropics

After your plane lands at Entebbe Airport, there is a short walk from the plane to the terminal. When coming from Europe, you immediately notice the warmth of the inland air mixed with the slightly cooler breeze coming off Lake Victoria, and that unique smell of damp grass with a mild overtone of burning trash.

The smell and the feel of the air have never been more inviting than on Friday night, when I landed after a wonderful two week trip to Europe to see old friends, make some new ones, and catch up with family. The cold is starting to bite in Holland, Czech Republic and Great Britian, and I was happy to shed the ski jacket for a tshirt.

This should prove to be a busy week, and you'll see updates on the situation in northern Uganda, project updates from work, thoughts from my trip and more.

If you happen to know any undergraduate students who are interested in traveling to Uganda or Sierra Leone over winter break with Global Youth Partnership for Africa to learn about the role of youth in post-conflict development, please pass on this link.

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  • Well said.
    Have a blast in January,

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