Conversation in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, I caught up with BicycleMark, one of Europe's premier vloggers and podcasters. We had a great conversation over a few Belgian beers, talking about everything from Amsterdam's squatting subculture to Tallin, Estonia becoming the new Berlin. Also, I learned alot from him about participatory media, and we talked about the limits and opportunities of this new medium in the developing world.

On this note, at some point in the first half of this week, I'll be posting an overview of a new site I helped create that features participatory media as a means of encouraging discussion about Uganda's future after the conflict in northern Uganda. I think its a fascinating experiment to try and better understand the role of participatory media in the developing world, especially as it relates to post-conflict situations. Stay tuned.

BicycleMark at a Holloween party in Amsterdam: The Ghost of Habeus Corpus. brilliant

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  • and a surprisingly cheap haloween costume option.

    looking forward to the site and hope one day soon we meet in person and talk about how well things are progressing!

    By Blogger Bicyclemark, at 7:04 PM  

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