weekend musings

I finally got my running shoes and I'm very excited to start my training for the Kampala Marathon. Only two and a half months to wip myself into shape. There is not an overwhelming amount of good running in Kampala, but I prefer the fresh air in Gaba and Munyonyo on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Also, I just finished reading Durrell's elegant 'Alexandria Quartet,' a masterpiece I am sad to be done with. One of the last scenes takes place on a small fishing boat in Alexandria's harbor. It gave me an idea: I want a canoe. I went running yesterday to a fishing village on Lake Victoria and did some preliminary investigation. I met a fisherman who made me an offer of 200,000 ush ($100) for a used wooden craft that can hold up to seven people. I talked to my fisherman friend Charles, who thinks getting a used boat is a no-no. I've also done the necessary work of making sure there are no hippos, crocs or whirlpools I need to worry about. More investiagation on today's lake run.

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