Homeless World Cup

There is an extraordinary event taking place in Cape Town this week. The Homeless World Cup 'is an international street soccer tournament. Teams from 48 countries, comprising homeless, vulnerably sheltered and other marginalised men and women, are taking part in the tournament.'

Global Youth Partnership for Africa has the honor of managing the first ever Uganda team, consisting of a group of young people displaced through out Uganda by the northern Uganda conflict. Getting to the tournament required impressive amounts of energy from sponsors, managers, coaches and players. A young man named Dennis Ochen reminded me of the importance of sport in development. I've known Dennis for a few years, and while he has faced unimaginable challenges, he has impressive talent and potential both as a footballer and as a journalist. I had the chance to type up his journal, which you can see here.

The team just won their first game of the tournament against Estonia, 9-3!

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  • Hi Joshua... I am Natalie, from Brazil, and I've been fascinated about your blog!

    Well... the brazilian project Ocas Magazine participated of the Homeless World Cup in Ɯganda. This is a great initiative on networking homeless movements throughout the world...What about homeless people there? is this a "category" such as in here?

    good luck for you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:03 AM  

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