Chill. It's Friday

It's been a super busy week preparing for next week in northern Uganda. Therefore, I've been extraordinarily negligent about posting, missing many oppurtunities to blog about serious things, but that will have to wait until next week. Now it's Friday, and time again for end of week irreverance:

(ii) I rarely comment on Central Asia here, but this is too good. Nosy, gossipy Washington DC bloggers are reporting on rumors of a Khazakstantan-U.S. diplomatic meeting on Borat, the star of the new Ali G. movie. In the movie, "Borat, a blundering Kazakh TV reporter conducts real interviews on unsuspecting Americans while on a tour across the country." The Khazak Embassy denies that this highlevel meeting is about Ali G.

(ii) In what is possibly the greatest global media coup ever by an Ugandan motorcycle taxi driver who dropped out of elementary school, the famous Kampala boda boda driver is featured in this week's Economist. It's like riding on a rickshaw in the middle of a Formula 1 race, only more dangerous.

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