Beyond the ICC and Hustling Yourself Into Peace Talks

It's my second afternoon here at USAID's Northern Uganda Peace Initiative. The projects are amazing, the people are charming, the coffee is decent, and even the rice and beans place around the corner is affordable!

Links of the day:

On the Transitional Justice Forum, Helena Cobban has a long post on Uganda's Challenge to the ICC. It's the best piece I've seen since the peace talks began, and it portrays the overwhelming desire of victims to bypass the ICC and deal with the LRA with traditional reconciliation methods. The question now is: what steps will the government take to support other forms of reconciliation?

Also, quite randomly, I met an amazing independent photographer named Adam Pletts. Hopping a plane at Juba's airport and riding on the back of a lorry, somehow Adam hustled his way into last weeks peace talks between the Government and the LRA. He was one of the few photographers to snap photos of Kony, and witnessed Kony's first press conference in the 20 year conflict. Wow.

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