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Happy Blog Day 2006 was yesterday, so I'm a little behind, but here are a few blogs I enjoy:

The PorkChop Express
Irreverent and hilarious posts on the food scene in NYC from my buddy J. Slab. Truth be told, J. Slab and I once walked half the length of Manhattan for a Greenwich Village cheese-steak.

Ten Acres

This is a new blog from my friend Rebekah. She's a very talented web designer (props for helping with the GYPA site!) Mostly, I'm just excited that Rebekah is moving to Kampala next week!

Kevin Carroll, of Katalyst Consultancy, deals in inspiration. He's been a HUGE supporter of GYPA's work supporting Uganda's Homeless World Cup team. I like his blog because you can follow the diaries kept by the players on the team.

I rocked this blog every day when I lived in DC, but now that I'm in Kampala, its serves up a nice bit of nostalgia.

My Heart's in Accra
One of my favorite Afriblogs, merging commentary on technology and development. Ethan founded the amazing GeekCorps. In his own words: '
It's an international non-profit organization that transfers tech skills from geeks in developed nations to geeks in emerging nations, especially entrepreneurial geeks who are building small businesses. In other words, it's a Peace Corps for geeks.'

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