Hittin' Zanzibar

If I didn't live an hour and a half from the equator, I'd say I'm about to go through an end of summer transition. Someone very special to me is returning to the UK, the American students are heading home after an emotional and busy two weeks, and I'm starting a new job.

This summer, I've spent a few weeks in Tel Aviv, moved to Uganda, led two groups of Americans around this country, started this blog, and worked busily on other GYPA projects.

Before I start the 'Fall' and my new job, on Saturday morning I'm disappearing by myself to Zanzibar for some R&R. Nothing like a few days on a famous Tanzanian island to cap of a splendid summer.

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  • Have a good time in Zanzibar. I hope everything was great with Jo. Take it light buddy.

    By Blogger Michael Gaske, at 11:32 AM  

  • ...lovely!
    i wish ill come there one day!
    nice blog..
    do you speack a bit of italian?check out my blog and tell me what do you think..

    By Blogger giuseppe miele, at 3:34 PM  

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