Life in Uganda: Where I Write, Part I

I take a peculiar interest in the physical space where people write. It helps me remember that the people I'm having a conversation with in cyberspace are real. For any of you who share this curiosity, here is where I often write:

I live on Gaba Road. If I take this road west I get into the madness of Kampala City Centre (K'LA). In K'LA, you find crowds, dirt and motion, basically everything you expect from a busy capital city (sans road lines).

If I take Gaba Road east, the air clears, the pace slows, and soon I am in view of Lake Victoria. The area near the lake is serene, palm tree laden, and lined with fisherman and mango merchants. A few stops before I reach Gaba, a small fishing village at the end of the road, I yell to the matatu (bus) driver 'Masau' (stop), and I get off at Munyonyo.

In addittion to being one of the most beautiful places near Kampala, it has free wireless DSL connection!! The fastest internet connection in the country combined with clean, breathable air (and decent coffee) makes for a stunning locale. This is where I have been writing the last few days.

If you are into feeling an uptempo, Soweto vibe while you enjoy the view, I highly recommend the South African artist Zola, brought to you by Benn Loxo

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  • Josh! I just stumbled across your blog and am glad to see you're in Africa. I'm going to Togo in September so we should have a reunion somewhere central- say in CAR- sometime in the next year. Keep rockin'.

    By Blogger kate, at 11:15 AM  

  • Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP » » »

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:03 AM  

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