iDev: This Month

This month, in addition to community work in Namuwongo (and hopefully traveling with Joanna to Tanzania and Rwanda), I have a couple exciting projects in the works:

IDEA Global Conference – An old professor of mine, Stephen Schwenke, took on the Herculean task of an International Conference on Ethics and International Development. This field, usually referred to as development ethics, is fascinating to me because it addresses the fundamental philosophical questions of development without forgetting that development is practical, real world work. The conference is at the end of July at Makerere University in Kampala, and I’ll be giving Professor Schwenke a hand in the farcical task of organizing large-scale events in Uganda.

Think Again! August Immersion- Starting August 3rd, I’ll be directing another Uganda Immersion with 15 American students. These students have backgrounds in marketing, public relations and journalism (print,photo,video). They will investigate why Africa gets such a bad wrap in the media, and try and tell some of the powerful stories of Ugandan leaders that the world doesn’t hear.

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