When People Die of Hunger

The Elephant in the Room, by Banksy

Its been a dry rainy season in East Africa. Traveling last month in Kisumu, Kenya, I read about a Kenyan women who died of hunger while giving birth to surviving twins. Last week, newspapers in Uganda reported that 35 people died of hunger in northern Uganda. Ken Banks asks us about the elephant in the room of global poverty. To me, this is it.

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  • that was so sad about the woman giving birth to twins while starving to death.omg what is this world comming too.i dont have alot of money and i live pay check to pay check.but when i read this i feel rich it broke my heart.i pray every night that god will help all those people over there or anyone who is homeless or hunger.i met a 20 yr old on myspace he lives in ghana west africa and he wants to come and live with me and my husband and i am going to do every thing i can do to make it happen.just as soon as i find out how and what i need to do to get that kid over here.i cant save the world as much as i would like too but at least i can try and save one family.i am white but that is ok god loves us all no matter what race we are we all breath the same way and we all get hunger and we all deserve to live and not die of hunger.may god bless them all.bridgett alley from the united states in mississippi.

    By Anonymous bridgett alley, at 1:08 AM  

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