East Africa 'Open Access' and Beyond

My paper, "Embracing Open Access in East Africa: A Common Internet Infrastructure Policy for Human Security and Economic Development" was published last week in Princeton's Journal of Public and International Affairs. The paper is available here.


In East Africa, development practitioners, economists, and
local entrepreneurs believe the Internet can be a catalyst for
economic growth and human development. However, these
three communities lack a common agenda to make increased
access a reality. This article attempts to find common language
among these communities, and suggests they support a policy
framework called Open Access, which aims to provide Internet
access to the most people at the lowest cost through marketbased
solutions and limited public financing.
It's a fact that East Africa will have fiber in the next two years (see cool graph from White African). My next research question is how governments around the continent can promote competition, innovation, local content and ultimately more and cheaper broadband [regardless of the fiber situation.]

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