GYPA Uganda Immersion

I led Immersions with Global Youth Partnership for Africa for several years. These are great opportunity for university students interested in international development to visit Africa. Check out this upcoming opportunity in Uganda.

More Than A Game! Sports for Social Change Immersion

June 14– 29, 2008
Kampala, Uganda

The More Than A Game! Immersion will bring 15 American and 15 Ugandan university students together in Kampala, Uganda to examine the emerging role of sports in development and social change, and establish a network of young leaders who promote peace, education and healthy living through sports. We anticipate that the friendships established between the young leaders will lead to partnerships and projects that support war-affected communities in Uganda.

This program is more than just an exchange: More Than A Game! serves as a platform for dialogue and open-exchange for youth with leaders in government, civil society, health and international development. The Immersion will also reach out to Uganda’s national sports associations to learn more about their efforts and future plans and direction. The More Than A Game Immersion will provide a first-hand look at Uganda through dialogue, cultural exchange, and direct service.

Students will gain a unique perspective on issues such as economic development, democracy-building, and transitional justice. The program will include opportunities to meet directly with community-based organizations, international non-governmental organizations, and other young leaders in Kampala and northern Uganda.

The Immersion is open to all university students. African Studies, International Affairs, International Development, and College Athletes are encouraged to apply.

Contact Anna Phillips for more information at: Phone: 858.254.8810

Please download the application here More%20Than%20A%20Game%21%20Final%20Draft.doc

Application Fees and Program Payments can be made at the following link on the GYPA website:

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