Vali Nasr, Poker and Diplomacy

Don't worry if you missed our recent Poker, Law and Diplomacy event at Fletcher.

Last week, on the Charlie Rose Show (see video here), Fletcher Professor Vali Nasr had this to say about the Iranian uranium enrichment program:

"The Iranians have played this game very well from the beginning. Everybody thinks they are involved in a game of chess. Iranians are essentially playing poker. They don't need to have the strongest hand. They need to know how to bluff, when to bluff, and when to use perceptions in the international community to create room for themselves to be able to continue development within the bounds of the IAEA."

Also, right after Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society founder and Harvard Law Professor Charles Nesson left Fletcher, he flew to Mountain View to give a similar talk at Google headquarters. The full video of the talk is available here.



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