07.11.07 Wednesday Links

In Joigny, France, Bicycling Magazine has produced a wonderful Tour de France Tracker. In addition to on the road updates, they have a great 3 minute video review of each day of the Tour in the lower left hand corner. Watch yesterday's video, it was a brilliant finish. As one cycling blogger wrote, a new cycling term may have been coined: 'Cancellara'.

In Kampala, the lovely Jackfruity launches The Kampalan new website about cool stuff happening in Kampala. This is a much needed site. Well done! Also, after the completion of our program in Cameroon, you can follow the Global Youth Partnership for Africa summer programs in Uganda here.

In Kigali, Jen Brea meanders through the Genocide Memorial and gives her thoughts on the genocide, French relations with Africa, and the role of the state of the Francophone Blogosphere.

In Washington, the infamous Pat Wu joins Facebook, and writes about ICT's in Cameroon.

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