Of Spring Time and Hip Hop in Kampala

Thank you for enduring last week's pause, where I suspended all blogging in honor of the first hesitant, then rapturous, emergence of spring, the Bacchic delight of the first warm Saturday evening and a Sunday afternoon spent playing home run derby on the local softball field followed a more spectacular derby as the Red Sox swept the Yankees in front of an elated crowd at Fenway Park. Back to the action.

For those of you in Kampala, there is an upcoming event that is not to be missed. If community development is about taking responsibility, then Abramz is one of the most prolific young organizers in Uganda. I'll never forget the performance of Abramz and his crew that I saw at Makerere University Business School in January. Through his hip-hop classes in northern Uganda and throughout the country, he can inspire in situations others deem without hope.

BREAKDANCE PROJECT UGANDA presents "HOPHOP FOR A CAUSE" on 6th May @ Sharing Youth Centre, Nsambya. The festival aims to show people the positive role that hip hop plays in Ugandan societies plus encouraging all the youth & children to participate in community work. It will feature breakdancers & hiphop artists (youths & disadvantaged children) from Gulu (H.E.A.L.S),Kampala & other areas of Uganda. RAP PERFORMANCES BY: Sylvester & Abramz Lyrical.G Swamp Kamp DE.P.P.I Static, From Belgium And many more.........

VENUE: Sharing Youth Centre, Nsambya

TIME : 2PM -6:30PM

DATE : 6th MAY 2007.

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  • How are you all over the world at once :). it's impressive. What is your goal with your work in Africa, if i may ask?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:39 PM  

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