Just Back From Gulu

I've been offline for a while, spending four days in Gulu with the 11 students from the Think Again! Uganda Immersion. With the (hopefully long term) cessation of hostilities in the district, I was reminded that Gulu itself is a charming and pleasant town. Gulu is clean and laid out in a perfect British grid system. Most fascinating, however, is the colorful cast of characters that call Gulu home. These include an Israeli who runs THE bar in town: Havana Pub, a Somali-Ethiopian restauranter who also runs a construction business in Southern Sudan, and a slovenly Italian aid worker who reminds me of a combination of Jack Black and The Big Lebowski.

We spent alot of time going in depth on the conflict and the peace talks. However, most exciting for me was learning about local Acholi community members who are addressing the deeper demon of the conflict: the slow, 20-year destruction of Acholi culture and personal dignity. More on that soon.

It's good to be back in k'la city.

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