East African Travel: 'Napkin Thoughts'

I want to commence this blog with a short note I scratched onto a napkin in Green Park, London (2003), reflecting on a recent visit to Prague. This sentiment reflects my philosophy on travel, and may give the reader how I will approach this blog...

'Traveling must be a balance between investigating not only what has been but also what is to come. For example, what if we traveled to Prague in the late 1980’s and not only saw the medieval castle overlooking the Vlata River, but also learned about the brewing discontent and the revolution that Vaclav Havel was soon to lead. The castles and the coffee houses, there must be a balance.'

I hope to see both the history and the future of East Africa during my stay here. I hope to hit Rwanda (again), Kenya and Tanzania. Since one of my hats is in travel industry, I will be writing not only about my travel experiences, but also about the East African tourism industry and its potential for positive community development.



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